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I didn’t meet Ginnifer until our first day shooting the pilot, so we lucked out. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to work opposite every day. Not only is she beautiful and talented she is a beautiful soul and it’s great to have her as my Snow White for sure. She takes me to school everyday and I learn so much from her and I think it’s a great partnership.” - Josh Dallas.

^^^^^this tho *dies from diabetes*

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  • day 1: Favorite Gosh tweet
  • day 2: Favorite Gosh at Comic Con
  • day 3: Favorite red carpet picture
  • day 4: Favorite interview/Gosh quote
  • day 5: Favorite PDA  moment
  • day 6: Favorite BTS picture
  • day 7: Tickle your pickle
  • day 8: (bonus) Favorite snowing-or-gosh moment

Starting Monday August 4th (but you are welcome to do it whenever you wish as well) and ending Monday 11th.

You can fill the categories in the manner you prefer, with gifs, edits, links or text. Please tag your your creations with #goshaw (preferably as one of the first five tags so it will appear in that tag). Other good tags to use are #gosh, #josh dallas, #ginnifer goodwin or #josh & ginny.

Hope to see you participate :) Please reblog this to spread the word.

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